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As a Storytelling theorist, I teach the art and craft of storytelling to educators, writers, entrepreneurs, creators, public-speakers, companies, from start-ups to big corporations, and anyone looking to tell stories in the modern world.

Embrace the opportunities that might forever change your story 

Storytelling is what connects us to our humanity. It is what links us to our past and provides a glimpse into our future. What's your story?


01. To Teach and Educate

STORYTELLING has been used as tool from the beginning of time to impart knowledge.  A properly told story has the power to do what a rigorous analytical study alone cannot: communicate new ideas easily and naturally, quickly motivating people to act with great enthusiasm.  Only stories forge strong relationships between teachers and students, students and students, and amongst diverse corporate team members.

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02. To Inspire and Innovate

STORYTELLING is the conscious act of conveying emotions, themes, or moral viewpoints from the mind of the messenger to the mind of the audience and leading them to act upon. Even though it may still be a new concept, it´s an important aspect of any successful business. Stories are critical components of corporate messaging. A company's values and culture are best spread through compelling stories, not vague slogans or hollow promises.

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03. To Give Our Lives Meaning

WHAT LIMITING STORY are you telling yourself? That you’ll never earn over a certain amount of money? Too shy to speak in public? Terrible at small talk? Maybe you think you’ll never make a living doing what you love or that you're not smart enough to succeed. These things are stories you carry within you. The difference between us and the people doing the things we’ve always wanted to do is the stories we tell ourselves. Changing that story is one of the most important steps to changing our lives.

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04. To Shape the World

OUR INTERNAL STORIES impact our perception in important ways. They shape our sense of what is possible and can throw shade on hopes and dreams. If we carry  internal stories about failure, not only will they haunt every job interview, every time you stand on a stage or in front of a camera, or communicate in all scenarios, you might not reach your potential. Jobs we see as accessible or goals we view as attainable can be ours if a story with impact is told. Stories enable us to implant instructions and information that inspire ourselves and others to engage, compelling us to take a stand, perform a task, accept or reject a proposal.

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“We build ourselves and our businesses out of story” -- J.McSill

About James McSill

And the importance of excelling at our job

James McSill has been shaping stories that shape individuals and companies for over 25 years. McSill Story Studio, situated in the UK, has become one of the most relevant purveyors of Storytelling courses and Story consultancy all over the Portuguese-speaking world. But not only that, James has helped leaders and organizations on all continents, from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin-America, to North America, Africa and Asia. Storytelling is key to framing the narrative around how we see ourselves and others as well as the work we do in expressing our strategies, communicating our values and articulating our purposes. When teams combine logic and emotion, they will be more capable of spurring themselves on and inspiring others to act.

What clients say about James McSill

"James, before anything, is a very special human being. His heart is larger than a warm house. His joie de vivre is like a child´s, and he is a true citizen of the world. He has a unique business like no other that I have ever heard of, that helps people bring their stories to life, using the best of the STORYTELLING craft. Or art?" JimmyCygler:CEO at Proxis - Medical Multilevel Contact Centre

"He is a magician. He uses his knowledge and wisdom to put magic into words and stories.. He is always glad to share what he knows and to help others - as myself - to be able to understand and use stories in a much broader and fascinating context. He is extremely professional. I've spent two weeks at his studio in England and he had been with me every single day, even when recovering from a very serious accident. His commitment is second to none. James is simply one of the most talented, gifted and generous professionals I've had the privilege to work with." Allan Costa: Co-Founder at AAA Academy KeynoteSpeaker Angel Investor

"Working with James is always an experience. We shared the authorship of a book on screenplay writing techniques, authorship of a YA novel, and also worked together on documentaries, new storytelling technologies, books on demand, TV shows, films and seminars." André Schuck: Film editor, Scene Director, Post Production Artistic Director and Writer.


About the McSill Story Studio

At the McSill Story Studio, based in England UK, or in one of our ‘in-company’ or online individual or group workshops and courses, you will learn the art and craft of storytelling. We work with educators, writers, authors, entrepreneurs, creators (TV, Theatre and amusement parks), influencers, public-speakers, HR and Marketing Departments, from start-ups to corporations, and anyone else who is looking to tell stories in the modern world. We provide multi-language (English, Portuguese and Spanish), expert consultancy and training to help you turn your most meaningful stories into memorable narratives, enabling you to engage your audience and help them to develop a cultural sensitivity as to how stories work, how to apply their principles to generate better communication.

Projects Worldwide

Since humans first walked on the earth, they have told stories; even before they could speak or write. Over fires or through cave drawings, people have told stories as a way of shaping our existence. Storytellers learned early on that people like to hear stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end. We seem to be drawn to stories that have characters that we can relate to, or at least share characteristics we can recognize. We also desire to be drawn into the Storytelling and enjoy when a story builds up to a thrilling climax, followed by a satisfying conclusion.  After all, we humans enjoy being moved by a story, either emotionally, or viscerally, like in a good action film.

Soap Opera Writing Team - Nairobi,Kenya

Actors Storytelling Training - Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Latin America Training and Development Congress - Mexico City, Mexico

British Writers Award - London, England

Storytelling Training Seminar - Hamamatsu, Japan

Authors Prose and Poetry Workshop - Montevideo, Uruguay

Storytelling as a teaching tool - University of Lageado, Brazil

Storytelling Consultancy - Boston, USA

International Certification in Storytelling - Lisbon, Portugal

Change your Story - Women Entrepreneurs, York, England

Amusement Park Story Consultancy - Holland 

Certification in Storytelling - Nagoya , Japan

Every year James takes part in over 20 different projects across the world. Click here to follow hundreds more of James's adventures worldwide.

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Training and motivation event - Toledo, Paraná, Brazil

The role of the art & science of storytelling is not to change you or your business. But to inspire YOU to do better.

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