More than twenty books published.

More than twelve seminars, courses, workshops, Master Classes and services are on offer in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

And James is also a regular speaker and teacher at industry events on storytelling, story consultancy and applied storytelling.

Storytelling for Story-minded Professionals

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Storytelling in  Language Teaching

The world is about the stories you tell

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This is what McSill does

Educational, Corporate or General Storytelling Seminars and Workshops

Expert storytelling training programmes to enable you to share the most meaningful moments of your life, your brand and your work in memorable ways.

International Certification in Storytelling

This highly practical seminar and workshop explores the art and science of storytelling, drawing upon techniques developed through millennia, from the lessons of Aristotle to the tried and tested principles of world-famous screenwriters.

Storytelling Taster Courses

A starting point in answer to the frequently asked question, 'How can I find out more about storytelling?’.

Storytelling for Story-minded Professionals

Has the aim of raising the performance skills of anyone who has previously done some Storytelling or Storytelling training, including the Storytelling Taster Course.

Story Consultancy and Coaching

Expert help for individuals or companies who need to better tell their stories to their people, customers and partners in a way that inspires them about the future, engages and commits them to the brand, its mission, values and principles.


Through the understanding as to how stories affect us, Storytherapy helps to set one free by the power of metaphor. Stories are the perfect device for delivering fresh patterns of hope as well as more specific suggestions for change. Stories are naturally hypnotic, so the right story at the right time can facilitate psychological and even physical healing.

Strategic Storytelling: Principles of Effective Communication

As leadership is mainly about creating change, and every organization is in a constant state of change, Strategic Storytelling seminars aim to enable leaders to prepare themselves and their organizations for change. Strategic use of storytelling is an effective way, when done well, to assist in securing people’s support for any change being considered.


A gateway to gaining power over how you think of yourself, yourself as part of your team, and how you have been connecting to others. Power is a great motivator. Power will move you on.


One-day training seminar: This programme will provide your teams with the necessary knowledge, skills and motivation to change work-place anxieties into positive potential through the power of Storytelling.

Two-day training seminar: Adding to the one-day training seminar, this programme will help your team members to understand how stories work and how to apply their principles to work through their emotions  and  engage in a team spirit that reflect the company's principles, values and mission.

Public Speaking and Master Classes

Expert help to enable the client to create and use well-crafted stories in order to help the audience to witness change and get more comfortable with the message imparted.

Storytelling in Second and Foreign Language Teaching

A unique opportunity for teachers and students to break language barriers and develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, and put language in context. You will learn how to apply Storytelling to enhance intercultural understanding and communication in a second or foreign language.

Authors’ Retreats

For those who dream of getting away to write, but need some guidance on the next steps for their novel or self-help books.

Online Workshops for Authors - MCSILL AUTHORS' CLOSED GROUPS

For those authors who need, or want, to write a publishable book as a legacy to their families and friends or to enhance their careers, but lack the time to travel to attend a seminar or take part in a retreat. These online workshops are delivered in closed groups of six authors maximum. The programme consists of live lessons to provide guidance on the next steps for their novel or self-help books and individual one-to-one sessions to help the authors with their individual needs before submitting the manuscript for publication. The online sessions are offered by language: groups in Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

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