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You came to this section of the McSill Story Studio's website because you took part in one of our many courses, workshops, seminars or Storytelling International Certifications world over delivered by one of our business partners or McSill Story Studio representatives and accredited by us. Please take a moment to read through the T&C's before requesting your certificate.

The McSill Story Studio, based in England UK (from 2011), with partners worldwide, provides multi-language (English, Portuguese and Spanish), expert consultancy on course-design, trainers' training, course delivery methods, and bepoken certifications to help you turn your teaching programmes into more memorable events, enabling you to engage your audience or clients. We operate internationally in partnership with the Department for International Trade, reaching all countries which enjoy diplomatic and business relations with the UK.



Our Certificates represent our official McSill Story Studio credentials confirming that you successfully completed a course, seminar, workshop, training or international certification sessions on one of the subjects offered by us, by one of our world partners or by a McSill Story Studio Accredited Provider. You may also obtain a certificate issued by us if we organised it, or an invited institution that we considered capable of delivering a desired 'training programme', organized it and delivered it to you.

Our courses and world partners vary widely, so please check to see if the programme you are enrolling into is right for you, as well as its contents and affordability, as a certificate is only proof that you may have developed some areas of your competences, learnt or honed specific skills, which might be useful in your life or career.

Why would an international certification make you more successful?

A certificate issued abroad, in most countries and in most cases, will help you to:
-gain a competitive advantage,
-show that your course provided you with up-to-date tools and technical strategies that might serve to guide and direct you in a more capable execution of your projects,
-increase your earning potential,
-show that you care to expand your knowledge and skills,
-build your personal and professional credibility.

Before requesting the certificate, unless it's automatically requested by your course provider as part of a learning package, please your accomplishments carefully with your mentor, teacher or organisers to see if you completed the programme (syllabus) and have the right to earn a certificate. Check for your final grades, in case your programme was graded, the proof of competences developed, should it be a competence-based course and for your attendance. At the moment we DO NOT certify online (remote learning) courses, i.e., you have to physically attend classes.

Our certificates include:

  • The course name
  • The instructor's signature
  • Our logo and the logo of the partner institution offering the course, if the partner institution includes it
  • A seal that allows others to check your certificate's authenticity
  • A statement that the McSill Story Studio has confirmed the identity of the learner who completed the course
  • The hours you spent on the course and coursework

ATTENTION to the expire dates of our certifications (valid for two years from the date of signing)

TO RENEW a certificate for a further two years maximum, please write to with your request

Our certificates may NOT include:

  • Academic credits from the partner institution offering the course
  • The final grade you got in the course
  • Your ID photo

Unfortunately, The McSill Story Studio cannot provide certificates with any more information than they already include. Unless otherwise stated, the McSill Story Studio cannot provide any information or documentation about your course progress, completion, grades, or other information besides what is listed above.

The McSill Story Studio Certificates do not provide academic credits. If you need to know whether a McSill Story Studio Certificate will count towards accreditation for a specific organisation or programme, please write to us or ask a representative of that organisation for the course programme.

Your certificate will be in English only. The McSill Story Studio cannot provide translated certificates.

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